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I can't use it and can't get support.

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Did my homework, watched the videos and decided to use OIGY. But when I download it I get a message that my video drivers are out of date. They aren't and my card is reasonably current (nVidia GTX 960) but it just crashes. I've tried fiddling with the options but no good. Now, how do I contact OIGY? Can't login and can't find a way yo register for the forums. Could just be a bad website design but need help if I am to use this program.

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I've installed the software on a Windows 10 machine and it works just fine. I also have an nVidia card (nVidia GT630) which is far inferior than what you have and the software just works. If you are on a laptop with dual cards, make sure to set the app to run with the High Performance GPU. You can either set it using right click on file or open the dedicated application to add it from there.

Additionally, download the software from the following page:

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