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Mac changer issues.

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I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.01. But I can't do the "hard change Mac" in 99% it says can't change Mac and sometimes it succeeds and I can connect to a network with spoofed Mac. However sometimes it says mac change successful, but I get an authentication error just like in case of simple change. Please help me, what concrete steps does the app do when I press hard change Mac? Thank you in advance!

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I've tried the software as well and I've spoofed the Mac address of my phone and I've encountered the same errors. Simply retry until the software works correctly and that's it. Eventually it should work. I believe this is an issue with the software itself and the commands that it send to the Android operating system.

If you want, go to Settings > Applications > All and locate the app that changes the Mac. Tap on Clear Data and Clear cache, then start it and configure the necessary parameters.

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