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Photorecord on Windows 7.

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I have used this program for years but have now hit a snag when opening an album saved on a flash drive. The album opens to show photos and captions, but titles are no longer displayed on the pages of the album although the text for each title does appear in the edit box. A series of dots appears on each page for titles.

I have tried deleting the title and reentering a copy of it but that does not cure the problem.

The only way I can cure the problem is to delete a title and then retype it, but that is of course a laborious process.

I am using Windows 7 now and produced the albums in question on the previous version of Windows. Is that likely to be the source of the problem?

Can you suggest a solution to this problem? If I downloaded the latest version of the program would that fix the problem?

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This is a issue related to Fonts. You've probably used another font to type that title and now when you've reopened the file on a new Windows version that lacks the font used, it displays the equivalent for that letters (eg. dots). I recommend you remember the exact font used because the OS is not the problem here. That's why when you reenter the title, it's shown correctly. You're typing the title in another font. Adding the font to the Fonts library could fix this issue after the program has been restarted and the font installed properly.

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