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An unexpected ZIP file error.

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I've received a ZIP file (that the recipient tells me has a password on it), I have a Windows 7 machine (no idea what machine he created the .zip on) and I've right clicked the .zip file, and selected "Extract all", it then prompts for a destination folder so I select a folder (still haven’t been prompted for a password here), and then I just get error messages....

"An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file..... "
Error code 0x80004005: Unspecified Error.

Any idea would the issue could be? Could it be to what they used to .zip the file in? How to do .zip file recovery?

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Looks like a compressed and encrypted zip ....I think this will only work if you install winzip or winrar....only after installing these software u will get a prompt to enter password.
Install winzip evaluation edition or winrar free edition....then try to unzip.
If that doesn't work, then take look at this utility ZIP Recovery Toolbox.

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Thank you all for the help!
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This is a problem with the current archiver that you've using right now to extract the file. I recommend choosing something else that has full support for ZIP archives.

For example, 7Zip and WinRAR are two of the best applications you can use to extract files. One is open source, the other is shareware, but it works normally.

Try to extract the file again and it should work. ZIP recovery works when the user selected a percent to be recovered in case something happens.

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