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Marine Navigator ignores Visit my Harbour - zip file information.

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I'm using a Neptune tablet, with Android 4.2.2 . I have downloaded the M-N-App, full version, and the zip-file from VMH. The file is in "Download". Trying to import this file into the app, following the manual, M-N ignores the existence of this file - saying: no charts found - put them into download. Where to search for the mistake?

Kind regards, Eginhard Wichelhaus.

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You will have to go through a few steps in order to have the charts installed in your Android tablet. Indeed, the ZIP file needs to be in the Downloads folder, but when saving, select the Internal storage, because there are 2 downloads folders when you have multiple storage devices (eg. SDCard).

The developers even provide a manual to check for this issue.

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You were right, the zip-file was in the wrong download-folder. But now, after moving it to the internal download-folder, it still does not appear when pressing IMPORT. It shortly showes a window, telling where the zip-file should be - and it is exactly in the asked place, if you search for it, but it does not appear when I press IMPORT. Have You got another idea what to do? I've got one more week time - than it should work! Thanks for Your help, Eginhard

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