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MMTTY issue with N1MM.

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I am running a Windows 10 machine with MMTTY 1.68 under N1MM version 1.0.5327.0. Stand alone MMTTY keys the rig fine. Under N1MM, pressing a function key such as my call sign, it takes about 10 seconds to go from a steady tone to Mark/Space tones. To exit transmit I have to press ESC. Exiting N1MM doesn't close MMTTY I must use Ctrl + Alt + Del. I am using a real serial card to a Rig Blaster then to a 756 Pro III.

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You are trying to use an application that has been released 6 years ago when Windows 10 wasn't even developed as an idea. This could be the cause related to your issues with the device and software.

I strongly recommend checking the available help and documents/downloads on the official website:

You can also forward this to the developer as well, maybe he can release a patch if he sees there is traffic for his software:

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