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System requirements for Bicycle Card Games.

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Is the Bicycle Games like the Hoyle Games and require a processor speed of 2.4? My system is only running at 2.2

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Yes, it's pretty much the same as the Hoyle Card games. There are also mixed reviews about it on Amazon where users compared them only to find out that it has much negative sides. Also, it doesn't matter if your processor doesn't meet the required one. It will run just as good as it runs on a recommended one. This type of games/apps don't need powerful PCs in order to run/play them.

On the other side, it appears that it's an old application while Hoyle has their own updated versions ready to be installed on latest operating systems.

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Thanks for your input. It is interesting when I try to load from a disc it just grinds and never opens. I had another version that was on the old computer that we transferred to the new one and it works fine. When you ask Hoyle they just say if the processor is not 2.4 the program doesn't work. It is also interesting that they haven't had an update to any of their card games etc sine 2013.

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