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New tablet devices.

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Can someone help me and tell me which new Samsung tablet devices, support the app Samsung Smart View 1.0? The app now is available only from Aptoid?

I have the Samsung ES8000 TV and I need tablet to make the mirroring from TV to tablet. As I knew the older tablet was Samsung Tab 1, Note 10.1. Is there something else this year? Wait for reply and thanks for help.

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In the image below, you have everything there is related to Supported devices and operating systems. As you can see, it requires Android 4.1 or later which means you need a tablet (Samsung exclusively) that's running Android 4.1 or later.

For additional information, browse to the following website:

Supported Devices

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Dear Alex Urbach,
Thank you for reply.
Unfortunately I don't find this app of samsung smart view you sent me.
I knew this one.
I want to transfer the content from my samsung smart tv(ES8000) movies default, to the samsung tablet.
The only app that can did this, it was this
But it is stopped the 15th october 2015. There is not available to download from playstore.
I would like to help me and tell me, which one from the new tablet samsung (galaxy s, galaxy s2, some else), should I have to do this operation?
Note: I have the samsung smart tv ES8000,model 2012 so I need the app samsung smart view 1.0
Can you tell me the version operate of android (kit kat), (jelly bean), 4.4.1 , 4.4.2?
Thank you again.

Panos Tanas

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