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I am a long time user of Combine ZP. I use this software to stack multiple images of micro minerals as a hobby to both document and catalog my specimens and to share them with others who have the same appreciation of micro minerals and micro-mounting. At the scale of many of my subjects I find myself having to stack as many as 60 to 80 images just to get a FOF that captures what I am shooting. In doing so, a large portion of the resulting images, especially around the periphery of the combined frame out of focus and many times littered with artifacts produced by the stacking process. I found that by processing the raw photo image saved as a BMP significantly reduces the occurrence of artifacts, but one might expect the processing time is greatly increased. I usually end up cropping the final images for the view of the subject I was shooting in the first place.

My question: Is there a way from within Combine ZP that will allow be to set a single crop limit before within which Combine ZP performs its magic, ignoring the area of the images that lay outside of the crop fence?

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I've searched through the files and various websites and I couldn't find anything in particular about the option you refer to. I recommend you search through the help file/section as well because that's the only place to find the option. The official website of the developer is also not unavailable. A DNS error is given instead of the actual page which means it could be discontinued as well.

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