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Corrupt video files on Movie Maker.

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I have opened a project in Movie Maker that was working perfectly fine before and the video files are now corrupted. I know they are compatible with Movie Maker, and I have not changed the location of the files I had uploaded. Nothing has changed with the file path or original source of the files, and they were not uploaded from a USB or anything as such, as I have read solutions to this problem and they do not apply to me. I believe it may be due to some of the videos being split. I have the latest installation of Movie Maker as I have only just downloaded it for my Windows 10. I would love if I could recover the files as I have spent a lot of time and effort on this project.

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When you split a video file, you modify the header. That place is in most of the cases the part that provides information about your video. The video might appear corrupt, but other multimedia players will play it just right. For example, install VLC and open the file and you'll see that it will work properly.

Movie Maker is a very pretentious application and if a file appears to be modified in a different way, then it will simply refuse to load it.

Try using another application instead, something like:

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There are many reasons that can make MP4 video corrupted, but I know a Video Repair can help you fix corrupt/damaged MP4 files no matter they are stored on the computer hard drive, external memory disk or other storage devices.If you still need to solve this question, you can read the guideance below:

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