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I have a new computer and wish to plug it into my UPSmart 2000R.

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I have a similar problem to the guest below. I have a new computer and wish to plug it into my UPSmart 2000R. Unfortunately, when I try to install the software, using the code on the outside of the disc sleeve, the "Next" button doesn't light up, not allowing me to proceed further. I've been happy with the confidence the PowerCool unit has given me. Help please. Thanks.

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Try to apply a compatibility tweak to the installer, because it's possible that the application you're trying to install to lacks compatibility with the operating system. Sometimes you can use the same application on multiple versions of Windows/Mac/Linux etc, but if that app isn't properly configured to support other versions as well, then it's impossible to make it work.

Right click it, then go to Properties > Compatibility and change the compatibility mode to somewhere around Windows XP and then run the software again. You can also use Run as Administrator to give it system wide access. Sometimes this is necessary to install an application.

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