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Restarting the download.

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I bought Tech Utilities software on order 66KDAFC9 licence key. Started a download this morning with your tech assistance but had to pause to go to work. Can I please restart the download?

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Absolutely no one should impose a lock on your downloads. As long as you've paid for the software, then you are entitled to download it as many times as you want it. Secondly, as a personal opinion, you shouldn't buy something from someone that prohibits you to download the product you have paid for.

Instead of Tech Utilities, choose CCleaner and combine it with Geek Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller which are all free to use and that's it. I wouldn't trust Tech Utilities at all.

Note: CCEnhancer will add more entries to CCleaner making it more effective when the cleaning function is used.

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