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Any chance for ongoing Support for MiTrains - OR - opening the code?

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I have used MiTrains for my extensive Toy Train collection for years. The fabulous downloadable 'stock' photos, plus the ability to load my own images (for insurance purposes) has made this package the best I ever found.

Now Lou & SeaHawk Software appear to have 'abandoned' both the PC software and the on-line database that works similarly. While the program still works, there are a few format changes that I wish could be made on the 'front end' data entry screens - to better use today's HD monitor capabilities.

Does anyone know how to "unlock" the GUI front-end of this MS Access program, so that simple changes (like the size of the input screen on the display) could be adjusted? I have no intention of changing the DB functionality or re-selling/marketing this. I simply would like to make this 'orphaned' package easier to continue using.

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Based on the information found on the official website, it appears that the software still exists but hasn't been updated for a long time, more exactly for 3 years.

I've also looked on the same website for troubleshooting information or adjustments possibility for the database. You will need someone that has the same application and enough knowledge to modify what you've asked.

Use the following link to reach tutorials on how to modify a MS Access database:

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