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How do I unblock a publisher on my Windows 10 laptop?

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When I try to install HP Linkup Sender on my HP Windows 10 laptop I get a security message saying the publisher has been blocked from running that software on my machine, but the publisher is HP. The message says I must unblock this publisher and gives a link to go to but this link displays many other links to people who have exactly the same problem as me, yet nobody seems to be able to solve this problem. How do I unblock a publisher from my Windows 10 HP laptop?

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I had this issue as well and it's related to administrator security and permissions. Luckily, this is just for a simple package and you don't have to mess with advanced tweaks, but here is a trick I also learned while I dealt with the problem in the past.

Go to Start and type cmd. Right click it and choose Run as Administrator. Now it's the simple part: use CD <path> to enter the directory where the file is stored and then simply type its name. So, if you have program.exe on partition E: in folder installation, you would type:


Long story short, you will have to run the executable file through the CMD window since it already inherits the Administrator permissions.

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