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Scoring and stars.

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asked by about Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector's Edition
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How does the scoring for each level work? I'm guessing it involves the time it takes to complete each levels, the time to complete each hop inside each level, number of mis-taps, number of mis-tap penalties, but it's not obvious how. The same with the stars. Most of my levels got one gold star but a few got two silver stars, but they don't seem to correlate with the scores. I received this two silver stars on both a higher-score level as well as a lower-score level.

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I've searched everywhere and didn't find anything related to how the scoring is done, but based on my knowledge I believe it's this way: time left + time between the elements you find + bonus for finishing + misclicks. This is practically the same scoring used in almost all HOG games.

If this doesn't answer your question, you can also send a direct message to the BigFish support team and they will provide all the necessary details.

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