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How do I download Kodtool?

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I have a KJB-999 and I wanted to know if using Kodtool is the only way to add my own songs to said device? If so, I would like to know how to download Kodtool as soon as possible. Each time I try to download it I would just get an email saying: "The download link for the requested software cannot be found. We will update our database soon and let you know when KodTool is available for download." Thank you in advance.

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Indeed, there is no download for the application on Software Informer or on the developer's website. I've searched everywhere without any possibility to download it. I recommend contacting the seller from where you've acquired the device to ask him where can Kodtool be downloaded. It's more likely to obtain the application using this way.

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Hi @Alex Urbach, I have same issue of find "Kodtool.exe" the download link too. Could you send me to my email please please please ( tyvm

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