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Opening .lif data

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When I try to open my data in .lif with Image-Pro analyser 3D, a message pops up saying that it can't be open because my file might be corrupted. I can open the same folder with any other software (imageJ, imaris...) and a colleague was able to open a bigger folder than mine in .lif format with Image-Pro, is there any specific reason why I can't open my file with Image-Pro but I can open it everywhere else?

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Firstly, make sure that the file you are trying to open isn't already opened in another application. I know this is low chance to happen, but check it just to be sure. Secondly, if the file was produced with another version of the software, then you might face some compatibility issues between older and newer versions of the Image-Pro Analyzer. This might be the case where your colleague had the chance of opening it.

And, of course, the file might have its headers corrupted making it impossible to open it. Obtain or download another version of the file one more time and then load it up.

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