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PNG support for VuePrint.

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Any chance to get .png support? It would be great!

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The PNG file format isn't quite the format supported by the scanners and scanning applications. I've checked the older version and the new version of VueScan as well, but it appears there is no support about it.

Based on previous experience and the information presented on the official website, the only formats supported are: PDF, TIFF. JPG and BMP (in some cases).

The latest version of VuePrint is available through the following website:

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VuePrint is no longer actively supported by its developer, so I would not expect to see any updates to natively support the png format. My work around has been to convert png files into bmp, and then work with them in vueprint.

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Opening a PNG file with VuePrint is a crapshoot. And it is not dependant on the PNG image or path length!

I was fortunate to discuss the iussue with Ed Hamrick. He states that VuePrint does support PNG files and could think of no reason that PNG would cause a problem.

Yet, in my experience, PNG files sometimes open but most often hang the app. It is not a problem with path length or newly revised PNG format. I am certain of this, because if you try to open the same file 10 times (e.g. by double-clicking on a thumbnail it in Explorer), it will open about 15% of the time (one or two successful launches in 10 attempts). Same hit ratio for using space bar in a folder with JPG images -- and then encountering a PNG image.

I currently use Windows 10. I think that the problem also existed with Win 7/8. But I am pretty certain that this was not a problem in the days of XP, ME and 95/98. So if it is critical that VuePrint work flawlessly (without re-launching each time that it encounters PNG), then you might wish to try launching it in Win-98 compatibility mode.

For me, the solution is to simply associate the .PNG extension with an alternate photo viewer (or a heavy duty photo editor).

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