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Convert Card Collector 7.0 database info.

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Is there a conversion tool or Card Collector Software Package that can convert my existing Card Collector 7.0 database file and import into new card collector software?

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I've searched the web, but I couldn't find anything specific to your inquiry. For this type of applications, it's best to export the contents to its proprietary format, then use updated versions of the same app to try to import them. I've seen companies supporting this practice for their products and it's done to ensure the user keeps his records without encountering issues or something related.

Typically, you can use the classical File > Export or File > Save and then use that file on a newer version of the software to load it up. If the software supports, the database should be converted and adapted automatically.

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You can export into a flat file that way, however, you would need a piece of software that can actually translate it. I have done a search and found that there isn't any software that can accept this flat file.

I am in the same boat and at this point I think that I am sunk, stuck with the last version of Card Collector with my 350,000 cards carefully input and no support ever again from Beckett for it.

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my last update was August of 2015, and yours? I have almost 600k cards entered...

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