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Can't open NHM Writer on my laptop.

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I can't open NHM in my laptop; may I know what would be the reason?

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Errors in applications are often caused by some common issues like:

  1. The application's integrity is damaged, meaning that some files are corrupted causing the error. You should reinstall it to restore it to the default state.

  2. You have a virus in your computer that affects the executable files (NHM Writer included)

  3. Your computer lacks the necessary 3rd party apps like: Visual Runtime , NET Framework, DirectX, etc.

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Which version of NHM writer and language you used. Windows version and 32 or 64. What the error it shows.The above details need. First try to run in admin then in run in OS Mode change.

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Type alt+1,2,3,4,5 it would be active and to deactivate type alt+0

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