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2D to 3D photographic image conversion.

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Hi Sean,

Many thanks for your kind and quick reply. However, I'm wondering what the Extrude Technique is? Also, I actually wish to convert 2D Photographic Images to 3D Photographic Images which can preferably be viewed without special glasses (or with special glasses if it's not possible without) rather than to 3D Models. If you can very kindly further help me if would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Nigel.

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What you are trying to achieve is not directly possible because it would require advanced tweaking. What you need to create are actually called anaglyph 3D images that are viewed with special glasses. There is no possible way to create 3D images viewed without the glasses.

Luckily, there are plenty tutorials you can follow to create anaglyph images from the 3D ones. Access the following URL to see some examples for this process.

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