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Transfer data to Excel 2013 using Windows 10.

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The Costab software is not working properly with Windows 10: it cannot transfer data to Excel 2013. Could someone help? Thank you in advance.

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The software does not work properly because it lacks compatibility with Windows 10. I've checked various websites to obtain additional information about compatibility, but there are none available. I've also used the official website as well, and again nothing could be found.

At this time you have two options:

  1. Contact the developers and ask for a replacement:

  2. Install a compatible operating system through virtualization using Virtualbox or VMWare. I believe Windows XP is compatible with Costab 32.

Download links:
- VMware:
- VirtualBox:
- Tutorial Virtualbox:

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Dear Sean,
Thank you for the suggestions. So:

  1. I have contacted the developers of the software and here is their answer: 'We wish to inform you that COSTAB is a software application which ADB no longer supports as the underlying software is obsolete.'

  2. I have therefore installed VMWare & XP SP3 + Office 2010 and it works perfectly.

Many thanks again!

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Can you try this
Open Excel 2013 and do the following steps
Solution: File >> Option >> Trust Center >> File Block Setting >> uncheck Excel 4 Workbooks, Excel 4 Worksheets.

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