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Why doesn't DVD Photo Slideshow load my .avi files, my .mp4, .mpg, etc?

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I have tried various ways to import my video. I have gotten it to accept some small .avi clips, and a long .wmv clip, but when I tried longer .avi and a second .wmv, it wouldn't do it. Although the format appeared in the program, it wouldn't accept the clip.

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Indeed, the application supports those files, but you will need some codecs to be able to use them. This is, in fact, described on the official website. Access the link below, then scroll down to the: Output files (MPEG, MP4, FLV) could not play back normally on your PC?.

You can install those codecs because they're OK, but make sure to double check the installation for additional offers.

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Thank you for the answer. I had missed that info completely. I downloaded K-Lite codec pack from one of the sites listed in Support, and that found the Cyber Link software with all sorts of missing registry info. I removed that (which had come with my H-P, apparently), and things started working. I'll keep my fingers crossed (even tho it's awful tough to type that way).

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My fingers remain crossed. It appears that I can only add short video clips. When I tried to add a longer one, it gave me an error message that the program didn't have the codec for either mp4 or wvm. When I shortened them, they worked. I'm generating them from Shotcut, if that's any help. It's for a memorial dvd I'm creating about my late mother, with a combination of videos and photos. I wanted non-computer relatives to be able to use menus, and DVD Photo Slideshow seemed to have the features I needed.

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