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How can I cause The Weather Channel Desktop Program on my Windows 10 PC to autostart at boot?

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I have successfully downloaded from the Microsoft Store and installed the Windows 10 version of The Weather Channel Desktop Program on my Windows 10 PC, and it runs fine. Now I need to find out how to cause it to autorun each time I boot the PC and continue running minimized on the Task Bar until I log off. By the way, I use a Local Login.

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There are two ways to autostart the application:

  1. Using the Settings: Start the software and go through the settings and check any option you see and related to autostart, then the next time you'll start your PC, it should start automatically.

  2. Go to Start and search for the application. Once found, right click it and create a shortcut on your desktop. Press Windows + R and type shell:startup. Drag the icon from the desktop to the folder that will open and that's it.

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I cannot be sure if the Windows 10 version is the same as my Windows 7 version of the Desktop Weather app from TWC, but in my version you click on the gear icon near the bottom left to get the Settings menu, then click on App Settings. This submenu gives two options: Autostart App and Start Minimized. Click both of these to ON and it should give you what you want. Note that doing this autostarts the app minimized in the Systray, so you have to click on it to bring up the main screen. If you leave Start Minimized OFF, then it will bring up the main screen at its normal size whenever you reboot/restart. You can also get to the Settings menu by right clicking the temperature icon in the Systray and clicking on Settings. This is the way the app works in Windows 7; hopefully it works the same in Windows 10. Good luck!

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