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Reducing weather noise.

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I have a some short of videos filmed in the open air in which the weather noise is intrusive. I want to reduce the weather noise and improve the voice quality. I have a free version of VDSC editor but haven't made any progress with it. Am I wasting my time and if not, is a manual with very specific instructions available for this software?

I am doing quite a bit of outdoor filming and am prepared to buy a version of this software if it will do the job I want it to do.

Please advise!

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Based on my experience, weather noise is reduced by applying filters to your recording devices. This means you will need a medium-high quality equipment. In an application, you tweak some settings, but it all depends on the equipment used.

I've checked the official website and the description of the application and it appears that the software is used to simply convert videos and create various collages. It doesn't many audio editing options.

A good product that can edit the sound is Adobe Audition:

It's far more advanced and offers additional features/effects to modify the sound.

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