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How should I go with the following situation?

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Is it possible of creating a quiz with the question:

What streets are intersecting in point X
And answers
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D

So that I can answer ABCD? Or DABC or in any order?

I tested a lot of quiz software and none seem to accept that.

I mean there are 24 permutations. Should I write all of the 24 permutations in answer ? What if there are 13 streets, should I write all 6 billion permutations? What if I accept partial answers, that's another 6 billion permutations.

Thanks for the answer.

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I've found an application that does exactly what you need. As proof, you can see the image below where I've added a question just the way you've described above. You have the possibility to select the correct answer, select multiple correct answer, survey questions, etc.

enter image description here

Download from the download page at Software Informer:

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Lol ...
that is a huge misunderstanding.
I meant i would not show the answers.
Sort of like fill in the blank but to accept all the answers that i say are correct. Not only one ... all correct answers should be accepted. Cause A is correct ... but so is AB ... or ABC and ABCD is also correct

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