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Burning to a virtual CD/ripping from a virtual CD.

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Platform: Windows 7 Pro.

I am not sure if 'Virtual CD' is the right term, but I also don't know if what I'm trying to do what is called an ISO image.

I want to be able to do two things, and I am hoping for some guidance on what type of software can do this:

I know perfectly well how to burn .wma files [or other music files] to a CD, and I know how to then rip those files from a CD to my computer.

What I want to know if it is possible is if I can do this without actually using a physical CD. For instance, if I want to do this with 30 CDs, I don't want to have to use 30 CDs that I don't need or want; I just need to be able to do the process.

So, is there software that can burn music files to what the computer will essential believe is an actual CD, and can I rip files from my computer while it thinks it is actually working off a physical CD.

I would be very, very grateful if someone could help guide me in the right direction. [also, if I have to pay for this software to lower the chance of my picking up freeware that has adware, etc., I don't mind... for now, I am just looking to understand what I need to do]

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Yes, you can do this. You can create an AUDIO CD directly to a virtual image that you can later mount through Daemon Tools or any virtual CD mount tool. The software below has the capability of creating new Audio CD image as BIN/CUE image file.

The application is called Magic ISO Maker. You can check the links below to read about the Features, Downloads and Tutorials:

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