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How can I delete hidden files with the Polaris Viewer on Android?

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I have a LG Optimus with Android Gingerbread. I've bought a SD card, which works fine, but my phone says I'm running low on memory. I've transferred every app and every file to the SD card, but still I'm running low on memory. There are some files from old apps which can't be transferred. The message is this: "This folder contains hidden maps or files". Do you know a way to delete them?

Niels Nieuwveld

Found it!
Just erase the data from programs you don't use, like Google+


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There is a reason why some files are hidden. They are meant to be left alone because messing with system files could make the operating system unusable, just like in any other operating system Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. I strongly suggest you use an Android cache cleaning application because it deletes only the files from specific safe locations. Try browsing the Goolge Play store using "cache clean" term and install any free applications you may find. I personally used applications from that category and I must say that I was very pleased with their results.

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I have the same problem. Others have it too. My impression is that Mail has a bug where it stores and does not delete attachments.. but I just deleted my mail account and only gained 3MB so that was not it.
There is a folder /sdcard/.Mail for attachments and you can delete its contents (I used a unix shell to cd into the folder and rm * the files).
I think files stored on sdcard may still use room on the main memory.
Basically using app cache cleaner and then deleting apps seems to be an answer but I also have not got 400 MB of apps on the phone. I think it is a bug that can only be fixed by doing a factory reset. Haven't had the nerve to do that but have done a backup (of the files I can see) using adb shell and USB cable.

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I want to delete folders from apps I no longer have like golauncherEX but I can't because of hidden files. How do I delete those folders? Anyone know?

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You should first unhide the folder using view hidden files mac. Than, after unhiding files, you can easily delete folder.

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