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GFK Monitor not logged in.

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My GFK monitor icon is on the bottom right to see, but it's reading not logged in. Also the pop up GFK monitor's stopped appearing at all too.

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Firstly, I would recommend reinstalling the product. In many cases, you can simply reinstall the application and everything will be back to normal. However, if this doesn't work properly, then you can use the available email as instructed on the official website to contact the developers. They should provide you with another version or give you additional instructions about this.

  • Contact email:

Also, check that your firewall allows GfK Internet-Monitor to connect to the Internet.

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FAO Stephen Prastman
Ok,well I just did exactly as you've suggested Stephen,I totally uninstalled/reinstalled this item,I have no active firewall at all,but still when I hang my cursor over the GFK icon it reads 'Currently Not Logged In',even though I've just this second gone to the site to log in and download the software again,and now the pop-up windows stopped appearing completely as I go to each new page?

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