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R14 not recognized as an installed program.

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My AutoCAD R14 runs on Windows 7 with no problems but it does not show up as an "installed" program when I try to uninstall it. The program was transferred from an older computer to this one. I'm trying to install Autodesk Softdesk 8 Civil Survey and the cad overlay will not recognize the already installed AutoCAD R14. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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That's the reason the software doesn't appear in the installed programs list. A manual transfer will simply copy the files, regardless if the software works or not. You will have to install the application properly, because when you do so, the installer will automatically add necessary information in the registry items.

A simple way to fix this is to export the registry file from the old computer. In case you still have access, go to Start > Run > regedit. Expand the Local_Machine > Software and export the folder associated with AutoCAD (most of the time it's called AutoDesk). Add it to the local PC and then try detecting the application again.

If this is not working for you, then reinstall the application using its own setup package.

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