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How to copy patch/cracks from the Protected DVD to the installation Folder?

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I have the DVD "After Format Programs". I selected from the multimedia section "VSO convertXto DVD". The problem I'm facing is that I cannot copy the patch to the installation Folder (Since the DVD is protected). Please advise how to proceed in such cases.

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Try running the application from DVD using Run as Administrator, then manually pointing the path to the installation folder using the available window controls. Usually, Patch updates will provide a file/folder selection prompt to choose the correct folder/file when it's not launched from the installation directory.

The Run as Administrator is necessary to give the software complete access if the software is installed on a system partition.

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for your suggestion...

I'll explain to you exactly what's happening knowing that I'm running (Win 10 Pro 64b):

The source of the application I want to install is "Anas - Sacc - After Format Programs".

After I launch the setup, and keep on the default folder path for the installation:

If I check the box: Launch the application (after setup); it launches for one time, so if close it and search for it again in my PC; it's not there! (even If I copy during the setup process the target folder where the application is supposed to be) , If I check the same link again; the application is not there; and therefore even if I run the patch as ADMINISTRATOR, it's not finding the application to patch it!

The application name is "VSO Convert XtoDVD"...


In another Instance (Other Protected DVD/Other Application)... The setup runs and the application is there under "Program Files" in my PC... However, even when I'm running the patch as Administrator, I can't change the default folder path to the one where the application is residing "Program Files"?

Would you kindly advise what to do regarding each of the scenarios mentioned above?

Many Thanks,

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