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I can't view the QmEye because of a "Virus".

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My computer says that I cant view the QmEye because of a "Virus". My friend in China has a different computer that says the same thing so it is obvious that the "virus" is not on our computers. What's up with this? It has always worked well in the past. Now it doesn't. Is there some way that my employees have done this so that they can't be monitored? I use QmEye to monitor my businesses.

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I don't think your employees gained access to the surveillance system; most likely, you are, indeed, facing a virus problem.

Since the software is available for download from the official website, I recommend installing an antivirus or an anti-malware application.

I have tested Malwarebytes AntiMalware, it proved to be successful in virus and malware detection.

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