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What program should I use to open *.nbf files?

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How can I open backed up nbf files? Any ideas?

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First of all, you need to provide more details - is it Nokia's Backup File (.nbf) created by Nokia PC Suite or is it an NTI's Backup Now archive (also uses .nbf extension)?

Either way, you could try exploring the archive using a corresponding program. Watch out for Explore or Browse an archive wording within that program.

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its nokia backed up file in .nbf format. how to open this file in win 7 pc

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It is an NTI Back Up Now file which I still have from my previous laptop files.

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Just open excel and drag drop the .nbf file.After editing save it(Ctrl+S or using save shortcut)when u close the excel it prompts for saving option choose NO.This might help :(

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