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Is data recovery possible?

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My device's data got full without me realising and was still being used by staff for almost 14 days. Is there any way to recover this data?

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I couldn't find anything about this product. This means troubleshooting is impossible since no documents can be obtained about it. Search queries display something that's not related to the A11 Finger at all. If you still have the software look in the installation folder or go to Help > Contents to read more about it and if it's possible to recover the data.

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I know that though as time goes by, there are still many user may meet this question like this post said: how to recover lost files if the computer hard drive is crashed?
Though it is difficult to do that, but in fact that data recovery is still be possible to perform. But the first thing users need to do is going to fix the hard drive first because I believe it is impossible to do any operation on a crashed drive.

Maybe you also know that fix a hard drive sometimes mean format it-all the files are gone. Is it true? Actually no.
Let's take formatting as an example. When you format a hard drive, it seems that all the files are gone you cannot find them anywhere. Actually, what the operating system does is only going to delete the catalog and free up the space of the files so that there is enough space for you to store new files into your hard drive later. At this moment, you still have chance to recover these files no matter you format your hard drive or delete files from your hard drive.
But one thing you need to pay attention to is that if you put any new files into your hard drive,these new files will occupy the space of the "deleted files"-this is the so-called data overwritten situation. Once this happens, you will lose the chance to recover the files.
Maybe you can try uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac, it can recover empty trash on Mac only in three steps:
Step 1. Launch the software to scan the device where your files deleted
Step 2: Preview the scan result files and make mark if it is the one you find
Step 3: Recover files

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