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I am unable to update, upgrade or sign into the CinEx HD member's area.

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On January 21, 2016 I purchased a copy of CinEX HD v2.3.5.1 from you (paid to IFoerster through Paypal). I am currently trying to use that application, but I am having problems. Upon checking for updates through that application, I get no results. However, I noticed at your website that a new version, v2.3.6.1 is currently available. Moreover, I attempted to log into the Member area and was asked for an ID and password. You will not recognize my name, email address or anything else regarding my purchase.

Kindly allow me to update/upgrade or whatever is necessary to update the program I paid for.

My transaction ID is 4NJ818665F6232329.

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If you have trouble logging in, then I recommend resetting your password. If you forget it, then password reset function will send you a new one using the email submitted when purchasing the application.

Use the following link to reach the password reset page:

If you still have issues, then you'll have to contact the developers using the form posted on the website:

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