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Marshmallow has no menu button.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Sprint. Last night I downloaded Marshmallow 6.0.1 and now the app no longer has a menu button so I can't retrieve any of the info I have stored over the past 5 years. I saved all my info before the upgrade, but I have no way of looking at it. There is no longer a menu button, so I can't download a saved file. The app is called Livelist and there is no longer a good email address. Can you think of anyway I can see my saved information?

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I have searched the Play Store market for this application, but it appears the Livelist has a totally different meaning. It provides access to live concerts, which means you can watch them on your phone through live streaming.

I looked for your app, but it's not there, which means it's available only for a certain region or discontinued. Anyway, if you saved the contents through cloud, then login to the cloud service and retrieve them, or if they're saved on external storage, browse through the folders to locate it.

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