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How to convert a TAR file to a JAR format?

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I have downloaded software which is compressed to zip files and after I extracted the file, there are 2 files with TAR extension. I need to know how to convert the TAR files to JAR format as I need to transfer it to my phone because it only supports JAR files.

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Although these formats are related to archives, I am afraid you cannot convert TAR to JAR. Of course, if the TAR file has the necessary files and structure as a JAR files then you simply need to change its extension but converting from a proper archive file format to JAR is not possible. Try and extract the JAR file and you will see a bunch of folders with specific data. Those files are created by the environment in which they were created and unless the TAR files has the same structure you cannot do something about it.

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If your phone is Symbian, then there is nothing that can be done with these TAR files. However, you can extract these with the help of 7Zip, & see if the files are anywhere in the context of TAR, if yes, then again sorry, but if no, then just copy these files into a JAR, & set them into the phone to assist the necessary amendments.

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