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Is it possible to export the data?

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This might be necessary should I want to get the data into Access for queries, reports, etc. Or for potential migration later if there are limitations (it does not sound like that is going to be the case) or if the app is no longer supported. Or can I use an ODBC link to tap into it from Access?

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Yes, the application allows you to export the data, but in order to do that, the Premium version is required. As you can see in the image below, you can access Export from the Data Operations > Export. I installed the free version on the website, but it appears you can only use the option after you have acquired the Premium Version.

enter image description here

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The free edition has a separate import/export exe to do this. It is included with your installation. Details are on the web site.
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Yes, all of the data can be exported to XML, which can easily be imported into Access or other database engines. Other export formats are also provided. The free edition has the xml utility in a separate exe (see the web site for details)

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