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Karaoke software that plays MP3-G and takes overlay video and photo slides.

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DJ Software required - Can you direct me with some info which software I can do MP3-G karaoke that will allow video overlay and slide photos?

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You can try the products available through the PowerKaraoke website. The developers provide the possibility to create and convert their karaoke files as well as play them afterwards. For example, the converter allows you to enhance your karaoke files by adding additional graphics and media that you can play with the player.

I recommend you visit the following website:

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Thanks, I tried powerkaraoke siglos, and found it sort of impractical. I have experience with Karafun software that is great except no pause on fullscreen at hand practicality, nor accepts other video avi 3 minute pics from my library, it however takes its own KFP file video alone, and single photos, but no 3 minute-5-photo slides.

I've hunted the internet for my idea on overlay software for MP3-G karaoke and got no where, of course there is a device a little larger than a pack of cigarettes, which I can do this through an exterior basis connection from my laptop, and not with the built-in desktop KJ software.
Can you dig for further info?

Thanks, Tony

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