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Is it fine to install two antivirus apps?

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Theoreticall, the developers of anti-virus software have a tacit agreement between each other not to identify the competitors' files as malware or whatever.

However, in real life, this rule gets broken sometimes. I've heard quite a lot of stories about bloodbaths and horrible wars waged by anti-viruses against each other when installed on one machine.

On the other hand, having two anti-viruses installed is a good idea, since some of them (in fact, as good as all) do not scan their own directories. It means that if a malicious file lands into the directory of the only anti-virus program, installed on your computer, you'll be most likely screwed.

I would use the second anti-virus purely for scanning the directory of the first one. Call it paranoia, call it schizophrenia, call it whatever, butthat's what I would do.
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Usialy they do. Don`t install 2 antiviruses at the same computer, ever.
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If you have a powerful computer you can have as many antivirus solutions as you want but this case applies only to the case where these solutions are configured independently meaning that they should be configured so that they don't interfere with each other. For example you can have 2 antivirus solutions, one for memory scanning jobs and the other for files and folder scanning. It will be extremely effective because you will have different engines performing different tests.

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