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Tanner EDA tools compatibility with Windows 7.

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Is this software compatible with Windows 7 64-bit? If not, where can I get the Tanner EDA Tools S-edit, T-spice software for Windows 7 64-bit?

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yes, Tanner tools is compatible with 64bit windows 7. But for that you may use new release.But as for as i know 64bit system also support 32bit supporting software

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Yes, the application is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, but you have to follow some instructions before you can actually use the software.

  • Firstly install Tanner Tools and select Local license when asked.
  • Then add TannerTools13Corrector.exe to "Program Files\Tanner EDA\" and run it there.
  • launch TannerTools13Calculator.exe and enter Enet Code that appears in error box on first launch of software before crack.
  • Finally, copy lservrc created to:

    • "Program Files\Tanner EDA\Tanner Tools v13.0"
    • "Program Files\Tanner EDA\Tanner Tools v13.0\VerilogA\vacomp\bin"
    • "Program Files\Tanner EDA\Tanner Tools v13.0\px\win32-2.6-i686\bin"

Restart the PC and the Tools should load normally.

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