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How to reset a BLU Magic mobile?

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The phone you currently posses is running on Android and this operating system provides simple ways to restore the device to the factory default state. One is by going into the system’s settings and use a built-in function and the other one is related to the Recovery menu which is accessible by pressing a combination of buttons (Volume Down + Menu Button + Power button). In graphic mode, locate settings on your main menu and go to Privacy and click on Factory Data Reset. It will erase all data on phone including applications, settings, etc. In recovery menu use the buttons to navigate and select Wipe Data/ Factory Reset and restart your phone.

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yes but none of the button allow me to select factory reset.

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When I go to the recovery menu and navigate down to (Wipe Data/Factory Reset) I am unable to select the option. I pressed the menu button to select and it didn't work. I also pressed the power button to select but all it does is close the menu screen. Can someone help me. I forgot my password so I can't unlock my phone to get into the settings.

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  1. Turn phone off.
  2. Push and hold the power button and the volume button until you see a menu at the top
  3. Push the volume up button
  4. At the menu use the volume down button to highlight the Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
  5. Touch the bottom left button with the 3 lines to select Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
  6. Highlight the Reboot option
  7. Touch the bottom left button with the 3 lines to select Reboot option
  8. Congratulations, your phone has been reset.
    (Repeat steps 1-7 if the Select Language with a robot screen does not appear.)

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