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Control volume and fading on car radio via Bluetooth and Radioview app.

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I detected this app and installed it on my Nexus 7. I wonder if I can use it successfully in following situation:

On my boat I want to install a Bluetooth radio. I have a speaker set inside in the cabin (where my radio is installed) and one outside in the cockpit. Now I want to change volume and/or fading from my cockpit. An IR remote control I can not use because I am out of reach of the signal receptor. Can I use the Radioview app to do that? Is it limited to certain types or brands of car-radio? If so which ones? I looked for typical brand-apps (Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, Boss) before buying a radio, but could not find any guarantee that their apps could bring a solution. Pioneer said certainly not. Boss seems to be OK with their Boss audio app, but the radio is expensive. I hope you have some information for me on this topic. Looking forward for your reply.

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I have checked the mentioned application, but there is no description found. All the apps on Play Store have other functionality than the features mentioned in your inquiry.

If you purchase a RADIO from a known brand, check for supported apps in Play Store or App Store. This way you will know for sure if it allows you to control the radio/other functions or not.

Most of the apps in the available Stores are created for a specific brand.

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