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Inverse distance for a 3D model.

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I am a geologist who's looking for software to use for 3D modelling in our mine projects.

As you know there are lots of programs using all over the world for resource calculation, that is why I have some doubts which software is more useful for us.

That is why I write you to ask a question like I ask other software companies.

My biggest question is about to using assay data. If we have 0,2 ppm cut off grade in a gold project or %1 value for Pb-Zn project and also if I use Micromine:
when I upload my data files as collar, survey, assay etc. then create wireframe, and set my cut off grade 0,2ppm for gold or %1 for Pb, does Micromine inverse distance block modelling ignore gold/lead values under cut off grade or should I change my gold/lead values like 0,1 with 0 (zero) or if I have no data should I fill it by 0 (zero) before I upload my assay file?

I mean when I use 0 (zero) or no data(empty) or value under cut off grades from lab as 0,1ppm for gold-%1 for lead is there any differences between inverse distance block modelling calculation results? Do I get to same result when I use 3 different types of values?

Some of my friends say I can not get same result between using 0 or no value-no data or data under the cutt-off grade directly from lab. They say if I use 0 I get less volume(example like 5), when I leave them empty-no data I get more volume(example like 7) and similar avarage grade. If that is true which way do you propose for that situation to get precision result?

When I get answer from Leapfrog they told me will be no differences because leapfrog get only data from inside the wireframe that you create.

I am wondering what Micromine do for in 3 different situation ? Does it give same calculation for 3 different assay file while using inverse distance block modelling in same wireframe when I use same search ellipsoid same effective distance x,y,z etc..?

Thanks for your interest.

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The only way to acquire information and training for this application (since it requires heavy knowledge and experience in the field) is through the training course available on the official website. I recommend checking the page and follow the instructions.

Micromine's Support will help you with this issue, but this requires to be an active customer, then the information on the following link could be used:

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