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Looking for a program to convert Urdu speech or audio files to Urdu text

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Is there any software which can convert Urdu audio files into text format?
I have about more then 300 audio clips of about 20 to 40 minutes each and I want it to be converted into text format.

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One of the programs which is able to do the task is commercial. It's very accurate and extremely good at handling text/audio conversion. Dragon Naturally Speaking is your best choice because of its wide range of supported languages.

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Sorry to say but Dragon Naturally Speaking does not support Urdu neither it can transcribe audio which is in Urdu so don't be fool enough to grope in the dark because that is not gonna lead you anywhere. It's much better to sit put and pray that the developers of the software will be considerate enough to think of adding urdu language in the software.

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As per my knowledge, there isn't any such software yet.
But you can play audio and enable any speech to text writer that support urdu language.

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