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Winspec running on 64bit.

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Currently with an old PC, I use Winspec on 32bit. Is there a version for 64bit?

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There is no version of this application developed for 64bit operating systems, but that doesn't mean you can't install it. I have searched the web and find it on a 3rd party website. The official website doesn't have anything about this anymore.

In a 64bit environment, apply a Windows XP compatibility using right click on file then Properties > Compatibility.

Secondly, you can install Windows XP through VirtualBox and have the application working on a 32bit operating system, while you natively run Windows on 64bit.

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Hello everyone,

We have a new computer running Windows 10 64bits.
In order to use Winspec, we installed it on a Virtual Box running Windows XP 32bits. The software is then working and we can communicate with the monochromator and the camera.

But we have a huge problem: we cannot decrease the exposure time below 0.01s because then we get directly the error message "Data overrun due to hardware conflict".

As proposed in the manual we changed the DMA buffer value but it doesn't change anything.
The problem seems to be linked to the use of the virtual box.

Do you have any idea that could help ?
Thank you in advance,
Quentin C

EDIT : Changing from Fast Mode to Safe Mode in Acquisition -> Experiment Setup -> Timing solve the problem !!

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I know this posts is older than 1 year, but I wanted to try the same: Using Winspec on a virtual machine (vmware). However I could install the software but not connect my devices. How are you communicating with them? The camera connection is ethernet (by using an extra PCI card), the monochromator is USB.  Could you provide some information? This could be really helpful.

Thank you in advance!

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