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Repeats with ScoreWriter 4.1.5.

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I purchased, installed and wrote a new score with ScoreWriter 4.1.5, licensed to: Mack A. Williams.

ScoreWriter 4.1.5 played the repeats correct, played into the first ending and repeated, played into the second ending and then played the fifth ending.

  1. Does the same thing happen with a scores that I've created using ScoreWriter?
  2. Is there a feature that I didn't buy?

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I've checked the Price list on the official website, and the software doesn't have modules you can buy. When you buy a version, it's the full version which means you're doing something wrong or the application has issues.

The first thing to try is re-configuration the application, then check the Help to see if everything has been done correctly. If you encounter the same issue, contact the developers and explain the issue:

It's possible that you might have found a BUG that can be corrected in future versions.

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