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Addresss book 7.0 information.

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My Address Book 7.0 worked when I first upgraded to Microsoft 10, now it doesn't work. Microsoft says it will let me know if it can be fixed. Still waiting.

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I don't think Microsoft will let you know when it will work. The software needs testing and adjusting and this can be deployed through an Update, but since it's impossible to check details about Windows 10 updates, I highly doubt they will work on it.

Try removing the software, then reinstall it and right click the executable file. Go to Properties > Compatibility and change the compatibility with an older version of Windows and if you say it worked in the past, then it should work now as well.

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I to have the same problem. Was working great in Win 7 then upgraded to win 10 worked fine for 5 months until yesterday then it said it had a problem. I uninstalled it and tried reinstalling with compatibility mode, gets to 84% trying to load Fonts and stops. Have not been able to find a workaround to get it going again. Have 525 addresses in the file I have a backup if I can get it reinstalled. I tried on my laptop which still has windows 7 on it and it worked file. Something to do with the fonts not being able to load

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