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How can I automatically set level of sound device to 100 on start up?

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Hi there!
I have a USB mic and when I connect it to my laptop Windows defaults the level to 6.
I need to find a way to set it to 100 automatically on start up.
Is there an application or reg entry that could be set?

Thanks, James

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In this case it seems that the volume is controlled by an application. In order to turn this off you must locate the applications which use the MIC (Skype, a generic messenger, etc). These applications are known to handle MIC settings when they are installed on the computer so the best way to fix this is to go into the program's settings > Audio > Microphone. From that page, locate "Let handle microphone audio". Uncheck or turn off the setting and restart your computer. You will notice that the volume of the MIC remains the same and does not automatically adjusts.

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