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YoWindow is not working as a screensaver

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I downloaded YoWindow so I can now click on the desktop icon to pull up a full screen which is beautiful. However, it doesn't come up as a "screensaver" when my computer is idle but goes to black. Is there anything I need to do to make it work as a regular screensaver?

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The software needs to have a SCR file placed in the C:\Windows to be able to set it as screensaver. Right click on your desktop, then go to Personalise and click the Screensaver button. Choose YoWindow from that location if it's possible, but if it's missing then it means the software doesn't have the possibility of set it up as native screensaver.

I have downloaded and installed the application and left all the default options checked. As you can see method, I am able to select YoWindow as the default screensaver.

enter image description here

Download software:

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If you are using Windows 7, right click on the desktop. This will bring up Personalization. Click on Screen Saver on the bottom right. This will bring up the screen saver settings. Click on the down arrow of the screen saver list. You will find YoWindow at the end of the list. Left click on the YoWindow file. This brings up the settings & preview screen. Click on settings. You can then either view preview or just set your dormant period & click on apply & you should be good to go. YoWindow is a wonderful program. Enjoy.

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strong textOnce you download load the software don't just use windows settings for screensaver the program has it's own options make sure they are set too and it should work.

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First off, You must have a registered copy of YoWindow to make any changes to the program. Click on the Program button on the YoWindow Panel. Click on Set YoWindow as Screensaver. You should see the Screen Saver Settings Panel, with YoWindow as the Settings. You can then set the Wait time. I have mine set for 2 minutes. It goes from the Live panel into a dark sleep mode panel. As soon as the mouse is touched, it goes back to the live panel. Hope this helps.

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